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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers the most common asked questions related to Darkness Springs.

General Questions

Technical Questions

Gameplay Questions

Game Solutions / Quests

Is the game really free?

Yes, it is. All features are available to all users, all the time. Previously, it was possible to get a premium account, but since April 2013, the game now is completely free.

How big is the game world?

It's quite big. Especially if you compare it to the usual size of other flash based games. The game world in Darkness Springs is so big that the game loads the world piece after piece while you are exploring it from the server, and not everything at the start of the game. And we are constantly expanding the world and adding new maps, dungeons and quests over time.

When I play the game, the web browser crashes. What can I do?

Darkness Springs is just a flash game, a SWF file. So there is no way we can make your browser crash. If it crashes, then this could be a bug in your browser or the Flash plugin. Several users who had this problem reported that it helped to update the flash player to a new version or even updating the web browser to a newer version.

The game is very slow on my computer, what can I do?

Darkness Springs needs a lot of system resources in order to be played. Be sure that your system meets these requirements as described on the about page. Some users who had this problem also reported that it helped to update the flash player to a new version or even updating the web browser to a newer version.

I have a question about purchasing a premium account, where can I find answers?

The game now is completely free. There is no such thing anymore as a premium account.

The game doesn't start, what can I do?

In order to play Darkness Springs, you need a fast PC with a modern web browser and an installed Adobe Flash 9 player.

How do I cast spells?

There are two kinds of spells: Those you have already learned (shown on the right bottom of the screen) and those you have bought, collected or found (shown on the left bottom of the screen). Select one of these spells, move the mouse cursor over the target of the spell (for example a monster), hold down the shift button on your keyboard and click.

How can I hand over an item to another person in the game

If you need to give another person in the game an item, for example because the person asked you to collect some special items for him/her, you only click the person as usual as you wanted to talk to him/her. If the item the person wants is in your inventory, he or she will automaticly take that item from you and thank you. If the person doesn't do this, than you don't have the correct item in your inventory.

How can I run in the game? I am always only walking.

A possibilty is that the game is running to slow on your computer. See 'The game is very slow on my computer, what can I do?'. Otherwise: There are several ways to increase the movement speed of your character in the game, but there is no such thing as running. One method is to drink a 'potion of speed'. It is a yellow liquid which can be bought at mages in cities and villages. Another way is to cast a 'Feet of the Rabbit' spell on yourself.

I previously had a premium account. But it seems my characters are gone. Where are they now?

Darkness Springs is now completely free. There is no such thing anymore like a premium account. But to log into your old games again, you can use this link: Log into your old premium account

Where do I find 10(!) Porecup Flowers?

There are several in the north of tolsor. Alternatively, you can cheat: Find a place where they are, pick them up, save, and restart the game. The flowers will be regrown at that place.

Where do I find the Golden Rings of Arryne in Traor?

You can find the three Ancient Rings in the Ancient Catacombs, south of the Vered Farm. The entrance is a bit hidden, but still on the map of the Vered Farm.

Where is the house with the Will'o'Wisps for the Haunted Manison quest?

It's located in the forest to the west of Quagha.

How to kill ghosts?

Ghosts can only be killed using magic or a magical weapon.

Where to find Arizeas Axe, protector of the Underworld City?

It's a bit hidden at lake Voren. If you really cannot find it, click this link.

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